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芮城—6Moon event express

June 2020 is the 19th National "Safe Production Month"。In order to implement and implement the notice of the Office of the Safety Committee of The State Council and the Ministry of Emergency Management, with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a strong safety defense line", the national "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production 10,000 Miles" activities were deployed。

Ruicheng Project held the launch ceremony of Safety Production Month on June 1, 2020,Project manager Liu Jian said at the ceremony,The company has long adhered to "safety first.,The principle of "prevention first",Strengthen work safety responsibilities and measures,To ensure a stable production safety situation;Production manager Li Jinlong took the lead in making an oath: for the life and health of employees,For the happiness of the family,I swear to obey safety regulations,Practice one job and two responsibilities。Enhance safety awareness and resolutely oppose three violations。Eliminate potential accidents and build a strong safety line。Fulfill the main responsibility to achieve safe development。Start from me,Deliver safety and positive energy,Vow to be a safety model!In order to enhance the workers' safety main body awareness,In order to make workers' behavior safety get better regulation,Safety Director Dong Haijun organized the continuation of the "Safe civilization Star" activities,And in May, the safety civilization star team was awarded to show encouragement。;At last, the Party A, the supervisor and the person in charge of each bidding section signed the banner, and the launch ceremony of the safety production month was perfectly concluded。



Ruicheng project to carry out safety responsibility awareness theme education,6月15日,Project Manager Yang Wenxi and Safety Director Dong Haijun organized site management personnel and special operations personnel to conduct safety training for special operations personnel,After the end of the training, the special operation personnel who have passed the examination continue to work,Re-education of unqualified personnel;June 20th,Safety Director Dong Haijun organized site management personnel to conduct construction safety education and training,The correct use of the "three treasures",Construction electricity safety,Safe operation of construction machinery,High working safety,Fire safety,Civilized construction and other aspects of education and training。Enhance the safety awareness of all employees, improve the safety quality of employees, and promote the improvement of safety production level and the continuous stability of safety production situation。



In order to further enrich the work and life of the project staff and improve the cohesion of the project, the project department organized all members to hold a Dragon Boat Festival tea party in the conference room on June 24。We get together, eat dumplings, play games, and the relationship between members is more harmonious。At the meeting, Manager Liu Jian introduced the company's future development prospects and encouraged everyone to refuel。Then we review the past and look forward to the future, and believe that the Ruicheng project will be able to successfully complete the construction task。Finally, everyone spoke and played, and the tea party ended successfully in the happy atmosphere of the game。






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