A soft landing for safety management

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Summer heatThe construction period will soon say goodbye to August, and will usher in the crisp autumn of September, Ruicheng Country Garden projectMake full use of the construction golden season, quickly set off a dry boom, seize the construction progress。On the site, the builders are riveting full energy, under the premise of ensuring safe production, striving to put the lost time"Chase" back。

During the epidemic, face一次Another production safety stress test,Ruicheng Country Garden projectAdhere to the safety work in the first place, continue to strengthen safety production management and system construction, always tight"Safety string", grasp deep, grasp fine, grasp the work of safety production management。

"Now the weather is very hot, but in the end is cool important, or life safety is important.?”

"I said why are you so 'axis'?I wonder if you're trying to find fault?”

"When it comes to security, you have to 'find fault'?If you don't have a safety buckle here, it won't work!"

日前,Ruicheng Country GardenProject safetyFull Director Dong HaijunDue to the problem of workers not standardizing the wearing of safety helmets at the job site"Axis" up。We should not only attach importance to safety in thought, but also implement safety norms in action, and the first thing on the site is to wear the safety hat properly。

Some people may not understand, why would we want to fight for a safety buckle, support rack, or a strap on a hard hat"No mercy", but as a security officer, to protect the safety of everyone's life, we are duty-bound。

In fact, inRuicheng Country Garden projectSee a lot of them“轴”人。When it comes to safety issues, they often "find fault" and "fight" with others.。But where the duty is, where the conscience is, this group of "caring people" for ten years as a day, with the original heart to practice the mission, for the road to safe productionescort

In order to strengthen the project safety production management, implementationThe safety management concept of "everything is managed and everyone has responsibility",Ruicheng Country Garden projectBy refining the responsibility system at all levels and establishing the responsibility list, the safety production responsibility and measures are implemented to each post and each link。Improve safety management"Four responsibility systems" to promote the implementation of "one job and two responsibilities" in safe production。Strengthen the assessment of the implementation of safety management responsibilities at all levels, improve the assessment management system, and take measures to seriously pursue responsibility and accountability for accidents, ensure that the awareness of safety production responsibility is transmitted horizontally and vertically, and let the safety production responsibility take root while tightly grasping the construction period。

Safety management is a dynamic process, from the start of the project to the construction process, the risk factors are constantly changing, the site management person must make clear the safety risks and risk factors of the construction site, and timely prevention and control。Production safety should be in line withSafety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatmentThe guidelines andManagement production must be concerned with safetyThe principle ofSubmit a satisfactory answer for the company。

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