Into the second half of the Internet home improvement, there is no winter industry

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    Since 2015, the hot property market and economic recovery have pulled house prices all the way up, and the downstream home improvement industry has also shown a prosperous scene。Coupled with the favorable environment of the government's "Internet +" policy, a large number of enterprises were born in the field of home improvement O2O in this year。Therefore, 2015 has also been known as the first year of Internet home improvement in the industry, according to statistics, only this year, the establishment of Internet home improvement companies as high as hundreds。

First half: Internet home improvement blowout, users and scale of the dispute

    Looking back at the first half of the Internet home improvement, the competition between enterprises is mainly focused on grabbing users and expanding the scale。Because there is no greater scale, there is no greater room for imagination, and there is no way to obtain greater capital。At this stage, Internet home improvement enterprises rely on the "property market dividend", the scale of users can grow rapidly, and the speed and scale of financing are relatively strong。With the support of funds, the layout speed of offline sites is also rapidly improving。According to the "China Internet Home Improvement Industry White Paper 2016" released by Analysys think tank in the middle of this year, the Internet home improvement market financing accumulated about 59 cases in 2015, and Internet home improvement was favored by the capital market。


Internet home Improvement financing Trend (2007-2016 first half)

    In 2016, the situation began to reverse。According to public information, from January to June 2016, Internet home improvement received financing for a total of 13, and the total financing amount did not exceed 600 million yuan。It can be seen that the capital began to return to rationality from the initial ferocity, but this does not mean that investors are holding their pockets, but the capital is further tilted to the mature projects and oligopolies in the industry, and the brands that have certain qualifications in the industry are still optimistic about the capital。

Second half start: industrial capacity is the core

    From the perspective of Internet home improvement, the model of the first half is to seize users, open up frontiers, and basically stay in the competition between users and scale, but in the second half, the advantages that these scales can bring are gradually weakened。If the competition in the first half is more in terms of price and construction period, the key point of competition in the second half is to turn to offline service experience, to be exact, it should be the construction service ability and the integration ability of the supply chain。At this time, the advantages of enterprises that have accumulated service chain and supply chain capabilities in the early stage will be more prominent, and those enterprises that lack the ability to penetrate the industry will be eliminated。

    The following is a brief introduction to the list of players who entered the second half through the comparison of financing rankings。


2015-2016 Internet home improvement enterprise financing ranking table

One-stop overall home improvement service platform - Tuba rabbit

    Since 2013,Internet home improvement giant Tuba rabbit began to deploy the whole industry chain of home improvement,In the supply chain,Through cross-border introduction of a large number of supply chain experts to complete the supply chain system design,And this opens up the channel of home building materials F2C,One-stop solution to material procurement, distribution, installation problems,Improved supply chain efficiency。

    In terms of service chain, Tuba Tu set out to change the production mode of decoration construction, develop unified production and operation standards for decoration enterprises and construction teams in the industry, provide unified supply of production accessories, maximize the quality of decoration sites, and provide standardized home improvement services for owners。Up to now, Tubatu has set up 27 branches and opened 250 city branches across the country, bringing together more than 70,000 formal decoration companies and 950,000 interior designers, serving more than 11 million Chinese families。

    Recently, mediating rabbit is conference held strong launch "cloud master" model, with severe vertical mode in construction quality control。Tuba Rabbit's strong layout of the supply chain and service chain will help it to lock the leading advantage in the second half of the competition in advance。

Traditional building materials home group purchase platform - Qijia network

    At the beginning of the establishment of Qijia network to "online convening, offline experience and purchase" network group-buying model to gather users, in 2015, Qijia network began to transform to a one-stop platform, launched the Internet decoration 2.0。However, the main business of Qijia network is still concentrated in the offline building materials group purchase, and the main business area is concentrated in Shanghai。

    The O2O model of Qijia is to adapt to the localization and non-standard characteristics of the building materials and home industry, and use the exhibition O2O to solve the e-commerce problems of traditional building materials and home merchants, mainly to meet the needs of offline users to see building materials。

Package Internet decoration company - love space

    Relying on the name of "Millet home improvement" and strong topic marketing ability, love space quickly became popular in the field of home improvement O2O, as a representative of the self-operated home improvement service platform, love space main package Internet home improvement products, launched 20 days, 699 yuan/square meter from blank to hard-cover standardized Internet home improvement products。

    Since 2015, Love Space has launched the "City Partner" program to expand to major cities across the country with product-based home improvement. Standardization, topicality and marketing innovation are a major feature of Love Space。

The second half will focus on supply and service chains

    In the past, the scarcity of high-quality supply in the home improvement industry is one of the biggest factors hindering the development of the market, an embarrassing situation is in front of us, why can't the home improvement industry out of the scale of 10 billion enterprises in the past, the most important reason is the lack of industry integration and quality service supply。Therefore, to improve the supply situation of the Internet home improvement industry, we must vigorously transform the supply chain and service chain。Really start from the back end, do procurement, logistics, construction and other links well。

    Since entering the second half, the big manufacturers in the Internet home improvement industry have frequently acted。In June, Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba Tuba held a press conference to officially launch the "cloud Foreman" service, which strongly cut into the site control in a heavy vertical way, and cooperate with the perfect supply chain system to improve the efficiency and standardization of the industry。At the same time, Tuba rabbit founder Wang Guobin also revealed that Tuba rabbit will establish an industry-wide reputation system and home improvement integrity system, thereby eliminating backward supply。This is also another big move on the ecological strategy of Tuba Rabbit, combining the original decoration company model of the platform, bringing together high-quality decoration services, so as to meet the needs of different dimensions of owners。

    Through the Internet technology to deeply transform the industrial chain and create value for users, this is the core ability that Internet home improvement enterprises need to build in the second half, and it is also the ability of small enterprises that were eliminated in the first half。

Third, the new normal plus new industries, the three major trends of Internet home improvement in the future

    With the gradual deepening of the transformation of the home improvement industry by Internet technology, the industrial chain will be further integrated, and the Internet home improvement industry will continue to expand vertically and horizontally, and eventually form a new normal and new industry situation。

    (1) Under the sharing economy, the foreman model has become the Internet home improvement standard

    In recent years, with the emergence of sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb, the sharing economy has slowly penetrated the life of the public。The sharing economy has brought a new business model to the market, and also provided a new idea for the Internet home improvement industry。In the past, nearly 70% of the home improvement market share has been occupied by guerrillas, and this team is mixed, and the quality is uneven, resulting in a dilemma for the market: owners can not find a good foreman, a good foreman does not have their own reputation and career development, and can not live。

    The emergence of the foreman model has changed this situation, the platform integrates the offline foreman resources, and the owner directly docking the foreman, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the entire industry, and the waste of resources has also been improved。Through the flow and order support of the platform, the foreman can focus more on providing high-quality products or services, which is of great significance for improving the efficiency and standardization of the home improvement industry。

    (2) The smart home market gradually opens and follows the decoration into your home

    In the hot VA and AR fields in the past two years, it can also be seen that the strong layout of Internet home improvement companies。It is reported that Tuba Rabbit has set up a VR division since 2015, and has invested sufficient funds to support self-research and development。At present, users can be in the virtual world through VR, and can experience the decoration effect of the future new home through simulation, personalized style matching, scene interaction, and realize the "what you see is what you get" of their home.。

    Smart home is also a word repeatedly mentioned in the home improvement industry in recent years, with the further implementation of the popularization of the smart home market, if you can cultivate the use of consumer habits, the consumption potential of the smart home market is bound to be huge。In August 2013, the government issued a policy on promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand, which also laid a solid foundation for the development of smart home and Internet of Things industries。

    Home improvement is the most direct and fast entry into the smart home, as long as the Internet home improvement to solve the problem of technology and supply, in the field of smart home competition can undoubtedly occupy an absolute dominant position。It is understood that at present, the Internet home improvement enterprises represented by Tuba Rabbit are also stepping up their layout in the field of smart home。Through self-development including gateway, placed alarm system, health system, peripheral service system, home entertainment system, home system, etc., to create a healthy and intelligent home environment to attract more consumer users。It is no wonder that's JD+ platform, Haier's U-home system, Xiaomi's entire smart home ecology, etc., are so eager to seek Internet home improvement cooperation。


    (3) The future potential of home e-commerce is huge, and the one-stop home improvement platform has become the mainstream

    Since the development of e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Jingdong and Amazon, consumers' shopping habits have been profoundly changed。Looking closely at the business decline of China's physical home stores in recent years and the trend of traditional home enterprises to layout online malls, it can be predicted that the future home e-commerce platform will certainly become the main channel for consumers to buy building materials and home。

    The Internet home improvement as the upstream of the home industry, has a natural advantage, with a perfect supply chain, enough to achieve homeThe direct supply of building materials F2C, with the support of strong orders, can rely on stronger bargaining power to make home building materials reach manufacturers direct sales。At the same time, with the rise of consumers' demand for one-stop home improvement consumption, the future Internet home improvement platform will have great potential for home e-commerce。

    Currently you can see,Walk through the first half of the Internet home improvement,The whole home improvement industry chain is being reconstructed,Whether it is home improvement upstream production processing manufacturing,Or downstream users to participate in the design, construction, supervision and home improvement after the market are reshaping the new value chain,This industry in the next three years is really worth looking forward to the stage。Of course, the enterprises in it must also have a large enough pattern to meet the arrival of the whole new business era。

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