Informatization: The only way for the innovation and transformation of construction enterprises -- exploring the way of informatization of traditional construction enterprises

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    In recent years, construction enterprises have been a little "anxious" : the overall market is declining, the number of projects is decreasing, the competition between the same industry is becoming more intense, the project operating costs are high, and the management costs are gradually rising;The requirements of listed companies to operate in accordance with the law and the impact of new concepts in the information age are also rising, including: "Industry 4."0", "integration of the two", "Internet +" and so on。Under the noise of anxiety, traditional construction enterprises, in addition to the size, how much can be taken out of the "core competitiveness"?

    All this "anxiety" seems to be because the crisis is coming, and market compression and rising costs are squeezing the space for companies to survive。But crisis and opportunity is a dialectical relationship, when there is a crisis, it is also the time to consider "transformation"。"Innovation-driven, transformational development" is what the government has been advocating, how to land on the need for top-level thinking, in the face of the shrinking market and fierce competition, there is an urgent need for a revolution from thinking to practice。

The only way for information-based construction enterprises

    Always want to use more popular language to describe the information of construction enterprises clearly,IT is also due to the fact that many colleagues once communicate IT-related business,Or he is trying to achieve a desire to describe IT in colloquial terms,Or he doesn't understand the IT terminology I'm talking about,Dismiss them as "bird talk."。用非IT人能理解的语言把信息化描述清楚的确有点难度,但时代不断地推陈出新,“两化融合”还未在普罗大众的心里扎根,“互联网+”又被李克强总理以国策的形式不断在眼前晃动。For employees of construction companies,If you don't know about BIM, you are embarrassed to say that you are in the construction industry,What B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-business), O2O (online to offline),Talk is talk,Many people only understand the meaning of the English letters。In general, the informatization level of the construction industry has just started, and when the Internet company describes itself as a traditional enterprise, the construction company is not a little ashamed?

    What is informatization?In simple terms, informatization is the enterprise management work and quite a lot of technical work with computers to assist or even dominate, this process is called information, so it is divided into management information and technology information。Usually information work emphasizes management information。Usually used such as office automation, project management system, financial management system, human resource management system, etc., belong to the management category。BIM and other computer-aided design (CAD) categories are classified as technical categories。

    The advantages of informatization are many, many,In terms of internal management requirements,For example, improve efficiency, improve transparency, solidify management processes, break geographical restrictions, and improve management scope;From the external market environment,We are already in an information age,It even dominates every aspect of life,Other competing firms are using information technology to improve management,Even the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have become digital enterprises,Do we have to stay in the age of craftsmanship?The future competition will no longer be labor force, construction technology, more importantly is the collection of various data, data is the future core assets of enterprises, data is the value。Businesses that fail to recognize this have no future。

    How to improve efficiency?Using computational software to do a 100,000 square meters of building mechanical and electrical engineering needs 5 people/day, traditional manual practice needs three types of work a total of 90 people/day。A paper approval process that took an average of five working days now takes just a few hours for everyone to click on their mobile device。

    Improve transparency, the use of information system process can be traced, each approval link is clear, to ensure the management process of sunshine, transparency, law and compliance。

    Solidification management process。Informatization can make the management process standardized and standardized,Use uniform terms to clarify things,Use a unified process to do things,Continuous optimization to form best practices,Eventually, it can be replicated and promoted to the management of each branch company,This significance lies in the national or even global layout of enterprises,The output is standardized management,Reflect the brand and value of the enterprise。

    It is best for a person to directly manage no more than eight subordinates, more than will be unable to cope。This is the 1:8 rule of management margin。Traditional management methods are not easy to break through this value, whether from the region or the limit of human ability, of course, there are powerful leaders who can micromanage many people, and more will be lower than this value。The use of IT system to manage, it will be far beyond this value, the system reflects the economic operation of the enterprise in real time, real-time viewing of the project scene, real-time reflection of the use of labor, so that "people, machinery, materials, law, environment" can be controlled in real time。Technically speaking, even if the group chairman wants to see individual material data for a specific project, it can be obtained from the system in real time。

    The external environment also requires us to keep up with The Times。However, any company with competitive strength in the market is almost unstingy in information investment, and there are successful implementation of ERP platforms, and even abolish the original implementation of the procurement platform to re-enter the e-commerce platform。From the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, there is no shortage of suppliers to ask how to do data transmission interface with the enterprise system, and developers require unified data coding to facilitate data exchange。Vendors are also required not to use private communication protocols on smart devices, or open private protocols or use open protocol standards。

    Enhance the ability to expand customers。A modern enterprise, its distinctive feature is the scientific management process, the appearance is the modern management means。The owner comes to examine the ability of the enterprise,It's not just the facade of the office building,It also depends on the spirit of the internal staff,Whether the management has strength,It is reflected in the understanding of technology and management and expressed through modern means: BIM is used to show the construction process, and charts on the portal are used to show the economic operation quality of real-time operation,That's how you get the customer's heart。

    In fact, informatization is a tool in today's information age。Can you still imagine a listed company gathering financial staff to make statements for three months before issuing a communique?A mom-and-pop shop may not need information management, once the revenue has passed a certain magnitude, then manual management is not tolerated in this era。High-speed and efficient development, with the cooperation of the market environment, standing on the tuyere of high-speed expansion, but also have their own standards, norms, and scientific platform support。In this Internet age, there has been a sense of urgency that the implementation of information systems may not have immediate results, but you are going backwards if you don't move forward。The decision-making level not only does not deeply study informatization, but also understands some tool-based information systems as informatization,Simply understood as technology,Rather than the embodiment of management optimization and solidification;The functional departments of matrix are clearly divided into lines,Interests do not touch each other,Only want to do within the line to meet their own management needs,More than a single function,Narrow starting point,Not to mention data interoperability and compatibility,Move out of their own "thirteen Five" plan to see: is not a very ambitious information strategy?But is there a top-level design, an overall plan, specific tasks and safeguards?Again quietly ask a word: "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in the information goals achieved?

    Can have a conclusion: informatization is a step that enterprise management must go, do not go, late will only accelerate the decline of enterprises。If the realm does not go up, the problem will never come down。Information construction will only bring enterprises into the realm of standardized management, scientific management, and enhance the level of enterprise competition。

    Elimination may have only needed a straw...

Different enterprises have different paths to realize informatization

    Information construction is never an easy job to do, which is why people in this industry call themselves "kicked" (IT), for how to do, here is only an entry-level overview。The biggest problem with the information system is that it touches everyone's interests: economic interests, authority being reduced or even changing long-formed work habits will become reasons to hinder the construction of information systems。Informatization is an irresistible trend of enterprise development, but it is only a question of how to do it。In principle: overall planning, step by step implementation。In the organizational structure to meet the system of information management, IT is best to have an independent IT department, an independent, centralized management of the budget and a certain development team。Large enough to form an independent IT services company。

    From the information construction itself, the general situation can be described by the "four modernizations" : management institutionalization, system process, process form, form information。The first two are what we are doing in the internal control, and the latter two require the construction and development of IT。Since informatization is a process, it is not enough to only build the framework structure of informatization construction, but also need to integrate system use into management, so that the information system becomes a workbench, and play its normative and scientific role。Management thought is the soul of information, information is the embodiment of management thought, IT is just a tool to achieve these。This point, the manager must have a clear understanding。

    With the "four modernizations" planning, from the management has a standardized process, according to the management needs to make full use of IT technology can be distributed to implement a variety of information systems。If it is a construction enterprise focusing on operation control, project management is the most important management content。The nine management contents of the project will be the focus of management, but basically the performance process of contract management is the main line, and cost management is the core。The largest source of costs is materials and equipment, followed by labor。Manage procurement, according to the existing quota pricing method: materials and materials price tax separation, labor according to the quota of comprehensive work days plus other indirect costs, profits - almost all production costs can be managed。The management idea is clear, and the focus of the construction of information system will be found。

    For construction enterprises with cost management as the core, the supply chain management and project management system in their business management should be established first。Even if you put supply chain management into an e-commerce vest, it is still a procurement platform。If you want to do other articles with this platform, you need to have a strong supply chain management ability, not to have a registered qualified supplier can do anything, let alone do supply chain finance。If the integration of the financial business integration, the selection of the financial system should fully consider the interface with the project management system, whether it is the accounting module, the comprehensive budget module or the fund module, it should be seamlessly integrated with the business system。

    The main problems of the business and financial system have been solved, and human resources have to be managed。To integrate all of these systems, it is desirable to have a master data management system to standardize data coding。In order to work cooperatively, it is necessary to establish a workflow system, which is often referred to as OA system. If there is a portal system, single sign-on of each business system can be realized, and some system data can be displayed on the portal (lightweight BI).。Attach importance to the standardized management of market sales, and the customer relationship management system has mature solutions: customer file establishment, customer care, project reporting, project analysis, etc。

    As for the many systems on the public cloud or private cloud, whether to use SaaS (software operation), these should be evaluated by IT professionals to choose the solution。There is no fixed rule which is good, and what is suitable is the best。

The future of construction informatization is bright

    The development of information technology today, in turn, promotes the change of management。For the construction industry, no matter how much you talk about BIM, the use of relevant technologies can indeed move the cost center back, the project department is no longer a cost center。Use BIM technology to accurately predict project costs and adjust everything in real time according to changes in the model。"Small front end, big back end" will become the main management mode of construction enterprises。With the maturity of BIM, more prefabricated products are processed in factories and assembled on site, and the business model has also undergone fundamental changes。Under the Internet thinking, enterprises are also thinking about the management of the whole life cycle of the building, and only the cost incurred in the construction stage is charged, while the service charging model in the operation and maintenance stage is paid more attention by more construction enterprises。The management platform based on smart buildings collects data through the access of smart devices or RFID (radio frequency identification) and other forms to achieve the realm of intelligent integration of people and devices, and is also an integral part of smart city construction。

    Big data, now is a relatively "tide" of the word, in fact, this is still a little early。After having some information systems, there is a certain amount of structured data precipitation, and regularly do some data mining, which can provide a point of reference for decision-making, and now it is enough。That is, to provide usable data for a "strategic decision-making system," let's call it "big data."。Big data has three basic characteristics: it is not a random sample, but the whole data;Not precision but confounding;Not causation, but correlation。Big data is of an order of magnitude, and terabyte data is far from being called "big data". There are not enough ways to collect data, nor enough accumulation and precipitation, let alone real-time data. Therefore, some of the instrumental analysis mentioned above can only be temporarily called "big data".。Although it will take time to define "big data" strictly, what can big data bring us。For example, if the analysis of the project has accumulated all the previous projects, then you can establish an analysis model through these data, so as to obtain some trend analysis results, which is the original value of big data。

    The transformation of construction enterprises from a labor-intensive traditional enterprise to digital is also a revolution brought by information technology。There should be urgency to accelerate the pace of information construction, rather than continue to wait and see, the benchmarking enterprises of construction enterprises have a clear information strategy, steady implementation steps and bold capital investment, which is not enough to make decision-makers have a sense of crisis?Information construction is the "first leader" project。Some professional consulting organizations, the accumulation of management in the industry is enough to provide a lot of "best business practices", although not necessarily fully suitable for the current situation of the enterprise, the enterprise does not have its own planning team?Make a top-level design, make an IT plan, firmly implement the route, step by step strengthen the information management, and promote the management level to a higher level。

    The implementation of enterprise informatization strategy not only improves the management level of the enterprise itself, but also coincides with the "two integration" strategy and the "Internet +" action plan proposed by the state, which will certainly rebrand the construction enterprise and enter another new realm!

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